panelsensor Q&A

Live Q&A

Discover the most important questions for the audience

The audience can ask their questions anonymously, the app administrator approves the questions and then the audience can rank them through the “like” button. The more likes a question receives the higher it ranks.

Real-time Polling

Ask for your audience's opinion instantly and get valuable insights

From a training workshop to a board meeting vote you can use Panelsensor. The voting is taking place in real time and you can see the results in the presentation wall. This is the most exciting feature as when the bars go up and down the audience is wowed.

panelsensor polling
panelsensor Evaluation


Measure your audience's satisfaction and improve your events

The evaluation form can be inserted in the app and answered by the audience. Any type of question (yes/no, multiple choice, qualitative, open-text, etc) can be used to get feedback from your audience.


Promote your sponsors through an interactive & measurable channel

Brand awareness and efficiency are top priorities for every single event. From having a branded event app (white label) to having a dedicated sponsor page with all your sponsors and sending sponsored messages with call to actions in the real-time newsfeed we got you covered!

panelsensor Sponsors
panelsensor Wall

Presentation Wall

Increase engagement by presenting questions and results real-time

Our interactive presentation wall can show in real-time the poll results and the top questions of the audience. But as we said earlier brand awareness is our top priority so you can upload your own cover photo and profile photo. This way you can promote whatever you want.

Custom messages

Communicate real time with your audience through their devices

From some basic information to hot updates and sponsored messages our custom messages will exceed your expectations. You can customise it as you like thanks to the html editor so you can upload a photo, highlight a sentence, add a link or even a button with a click to action. Sky is the limit.

panelsensor custom